Favorite “New BizTalk Feature” and yet another reason BizTalk rocks

As most know by now the Visual Studio 11 Beta came out last week.  I have been eagerly trying out new features since I installed it at the MVP Summit.  The WCF features had me the most excited so far.  I have been discussing using UDP from BizTalk (via WCF) for some time with friends and coworkers.

I know there has been a “guidance” on this for some time, but many clients don’t like a guidance, they want something supported and in their platform.  Today my friend and coworker Madhav tied it all together.  He blogged about it here:


It’s a great post and it opens a new world of opportunities for many WCF (and BizTalk) developers).  Most impressively to me is that BizTalk 2010 just works with the new bindings that are a part of WCF 4.5.  I think this is a great testament to the platform and the decision five years ago to move towards WCF for adapters.  It was awesome to see this today!