Upcoming Speaking Engagements

This is a busy month for me.  I will be at both the GPU Technology Conference and Hadoop Summit Europe.  Both events are in the same week with my dates on March 19th and 21st respectively, which will make for fun travel  Both promise to be amazing conferences with a lot of knowledge share and I am honored to be a part of each. 

Being from the Microsoft camp as I am both my sessions will involve these technologies from a Microsoft context or standpoint.  In the case of GTC this will be using .NET to write CUDA (GPU) applications.  For Hadoop this will be using Hadoop within the Microsoft ecosystem (which if you have not noticed is a very large ecosystem). 

I’m very excited for both of these events and eagerly looking forward to them and the discussions and learning that accompany both. 


About danrosanova
I am a Principal Program Manager for Messaging at Microsoft and product owner for Azure Messaging: Service Bus, Relay, and Event Hubs. I have a long history in distributed computing on a variety of platforms and have focused on large scale messaging and middleware implementations from inception to implementation. I was a five time Microsoft MVP before joining Microsoft and author of the book Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns.

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