BizTalk 2010 R2, Richard Seroter, Paolo Salvatori, Four Questions, and an interesting and subtle morsel

I was reading another of Richard Seroter’s excellent four questions interviews today, this time with Paolo Salvatori, and noticed this gem in one of the questions:

“BizTalk Administration Console will be extended to visualize artifact dependencies.”  This is something I’ve been wanting in BizTalk for a very long time.  I can sort of understand how to visualize it and I know the APIs make everything available to do it, but I’ve never committed the time necessary to pull it off.  I am very excited to see this feature. 

Great stuff guys! 

If you don’t know who either of these gentlemen are I strongly recommend you follow up on both and


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I am a Principal Program Manager for Messaging at Microsoft and product owner for Azure Messaging: Service Bus, Relay, and Event Hubs. I have a long history in distributed computing on a variety of platforms and have focused on large scale messaging and middleware implementations from inception to implementation. I was a five time Microsoft MVP before joining Microsoft and author of the book Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns.

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