More messaging like Rabbits

After playing around some with RabbitMQ I decided I’d really let BizTalk message like rabbits.  I modified the file send port so that it sent back to the same queue instead of to the file location.  This creates a feedback loop so a message will keep propagating.  Then to make it more “rabbit like” I added a send port group that had the filter: BTS.ReceivePortName == RMQI_Q_Receive Or BTS.ReceivePortName == RMQI_Receive_Start

This way starting with the first message received from the file drop; every message receive results in two sends to the queue (which just feeds back and results in another doubling of messages). 

Two things became readily apparent.  BizTalk scales well and works fast and RabbitMQ will certainly keep pace.  In moments I had thousands of messages flying through my system. 

Checking the Queues section of the RabbitMQ management portal I was easily able to see the volume flowing through.  I almost think this could be a good benchmarking tool for BizTalk, but the BizTalk Benchmark Wizard is already so good I don’t really think I need a RabbitMQ based one. 


About danrosanova
I am a Principal Program Manager for Messaging at Microsoft and product owner for Azure Messaging: Service Bus, Relay, and Event Hubs. I have a long history in distributed computing on a variety of platforms and have focused on large scale messaging and middleware implementations from inception to implementation. I was a five time Microsoft MVP before joining Microsoft and author of the book Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns.

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